About us

What we do

Egyptian International Trade is dedicated to orchestrating production/supply lines for a wide array of Metals and Minerals in demand by diverse, discerning markets around the world. The distinctive characteristic of Egyptian International Trade in comparison to other companies is that we provide consistently high quality, high value products in demand by each distinctive market we serve. 

Our Organization

Egyptian International Trade is in the hierarchy of companies, which affords diversification into the all-important Metals and Minerals industry. The company is registered, and headquarters is located in the city of Cairo, Egypt with offices in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and USA, with a distinct advantage of being a lean, streamlined company. Furthermore, synergy results are from functioning through contractual agreements where management and marketing operations coalesce with international resources providing for an organizational culture that is constantly seeking ways to improve brand reputation through our high-quality products and services. The operations and safety practices evolve to cope successfully with the risks inherent in an ambitious pursuit of implementation and refinement of a strategic planning process. While solving market inefficiencies by acting as a distributor over geopolitical boundaries it is connecting a diverse array of producers and services with traditionally unreachable buyers thereby, defining its niche by developing systems that promote growth along our entire supply chain. This management policy continues the process establishing business efficiency by vertical integration and control of supply in order to enhance sales for our existing products and services.

Business Model

Our business model ensures an extraordinary degree of efficiency due to our management policies and effective cost controls. Quality personnel and materials produce superior products distribution for our clients. Operating costs are subject to optimization efficiency, not short-circuit inefficiency. We add proper overhead controls to assure a dynamic and profitable organization. Management focus is on implementation and assuming leadership to accelerate corporate growth as well as profitability. On an operational level, Egyptian International Trade stresses open communication among all aspects of our organization and with our clients, which promotes camaraderie, optimal utilization of our assets, and prompts delivery of products and services. The solid global management team has decades of experience in international business development and technical skill with the intellectual property (IP), rights which allows us to meet and exceed the distribution expectations of our clients by providing quality products as well as reliable services in a responsive, safe and cost-effective manner. Egyptian International Trade accomplishes its goal of delivering distinctive, high quality, high value Metals and Minerals for discerning markets.

This quality level and parallel success is accomplished through developing contracts (and ultimately alliances), with select companies having proven records for reliably supplying these products on a global scale. The companies selected are those that have proven abilities to supply quality products and have the desire to form alliances to improve and expand. These companies provide the vehicles required for us to gain footholds in the production/delivery streams of our products, and then to progressively dominate these streams through implementation of its business model. Our quality control attainment is through rigorous attention to market desires and meticulous translation of these desires into product specifications. The products undergo thorough inspections to assure that they meet (or exceed) these expectations.

Through contracts early in the process, Egyptian International Trade assures quality and safety control through implementation of its hazard and quality analysis at critical control points (HACCP and QACCP respectively), policies. These policies achieve an increase in stringency over time providing the company progressive controls over the production/delivery process, which results in a stream of products that increasingly deliver to its customers, consistently.